Replacement Windows

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Replacement Windows

ThermaGuard is pleased to offer a free written estimate to replace your windows with vinyl replacement windows designed with the customer in mind.  Our windows are manufactured by Alside and meet the standards for the Energy Star rating.

The Mezzo window is perfect for the Atlanta area and will deliver what is promised in maintenance and energy savings.  As a result, Mezzo has been named Best by the Consumers Digest.

This window was chosen by ThermaGuard after evaluating all windows in the price categories.  When you set the Mezzo window next to a lower quality window, you can see the gaps in the fusion welding and the inferior ways they open for cleaning.

You truly get what you pay for when it comes to replacement windows.  The low end windows on the market are mechanically fastened and are made of recycled vinyl that has chemicals added, which will fail over time.  The frames are so bulky that you loose a lot of light space from the opening.

There are cheaper vinyl replacement windows to be found, but there is no better window to be selected than Alside’s Mezzo .  After installing this window for ten years, we have been truly impressed with the energy savings our customers have reported to us.

Being released from the maintenance schedule of painting your drafty wood windows alone is worth the investment.  It can certainly be said that the Mezzo window will pay for itself over the long run in maintenance and energy savings.

We offer an option of grids between the glass, LoE with Argon, and LoE for Georgia Building codes to maximize energy efficiency.

Comfort is the most important thing that makes a house into a home. Mezzo windows will deliver to you more comfortable living.

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