Vinyl Siding

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Vinyl Siding

ThermaGuard is pleased to offer Mastic vinyl siding with 35 colors to choose from.  Mastic siding is installed over your existing siding after any rotten siding is replaced.  Insulation is fastened to the outer wall to provide energy savings.  Then new corners are installed and finally the siding panel profile you have selected.

You can install vinyl fascia and soffit on the overhang of your home and ceiling in your porch. Vinyl coated aluminum can be installed to cover your window casings as well to complete a “Cover-All” designed to end painting forever.

The first great thing about vinyl siding is the opportunity you have to insulate your home and reduce the energy costs of heating and air conditioning significantly.

The second great thing about vinyl siding is that you will never have to paint your house again.  Imagine the money your will save as well as the hassle and inconvenience you will not have to go through in the future.

It seems likely that between the painting cost savings and the energy cost savings, the vinyl siding job will actually pay for itself over the long run.

And these sidings are gorgeous. The wood grain pattern is very natural looking and the colors are up-to-date and fresh.  Installing the siding panels over our solid core backing, gives a rigid feel to the wall when it is pushed on, like wood siding.  Whichever profile you choose, from our Double 5” Straight Lap design to our Double 4” Dutch Lap profile, you will be astonished how much it looks like wood on your home.

The sidings of today are nothing like the old style thin vinyl siding that faded and swayed on the wall.  We install only the thicker vinyl sidings .044 inch thick vinyl or greater, which will meet strict quality standards.  The sidings we install have a Lifetime Limited Warranty.

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