Gutters and Shields

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Gutters and Shields

Customers are often pleasantly surprised at how much adding our 6” gutters to their home “sets off” the house.  If a new roof is the picture, new gutters are the frame.

Our gutters are seamless aluminum and are made to fit your home with our gutter machine right there in your driveway.  Why do our gutters look so good?  We install them with ‘hidden hangers” instead of gutter spikes that can loosen over time.

The gutters are available in 26 beautiful colors to match your house trim plus copper and copper metallic.  An average installation can be done in half a day.  We can also replace your downspouts, as needed.

You will get the warranty from the gutter metal manufacturer as well as a warranty fromThermaGuard for two years to insure that the installation is correctly done.

Installation of our Leaf Off Gutter Protection System keeps critters from entering your attic through the gutter area.  For less than the cost of critter-proofing alone, you can solve the problem of keeping your gutters clean and keep critters out at the same time, which is a very efficient way to invest in your home. The System carries a Lifetime limited warranty.

ThermaGuard also recommends rain barrels and soaker hoses to protect the environment and the foundation of your house.  This protects our rivers, lakes and streams from runoff pollution and controls moisture levels around the foundation of your home.

Whatever your needs, ThermaGuard will provide a free written estimate to you outlining the details of what we are proposing to do.

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Gutters and Shields