• ThermaGuard's focus is on exterior improvements of insulating and protective natures.


ThermaGuard is pleased to offer to you a free roof consultation, as well as a free written estimate.  We are one of the most recommended roofing companies in Georgia. ThermaGuard has developed its own Rain Shield Roofing System, when it comes to roof replacement:

  1. The shingles are removed down to the roof decking. Then we inspect the decking and replace or re-nail it as needed.
  2. The proper underlayment is installed considering the roof’s pitch. Aluminum is placed in the roof valleys.
  3. Ice & Water Shield underlayment is applied where needed to guard areas prone to leaking.
  4. Drip edge is installed on the gable ends of the roof and may be installed behind the gutters to keep rodents from entering and nesting in your attic.
  5. All flashing are inspected and replaced as needed with the appropriate type of flashing for the area.
  6. The roofing shingles are nailed on using the manufacturer’s installation instructions including the proper nail length.
  7. All plumbing pipe boots are replaced with proper sized boots.
  8. Ventilation is installed to make sure the manufacturers warranty will be in force.
  9. Ridge caps are installed to cap the ridges or the ridge vents.  If the roof is architectural, the ridge caps will have a fifty year warranty.

Customers can chose from a variety of shingle manufacturers including GAF, Owens Corning, Tamko, and Certainteed.  Warranties extend from 25 years  to Lifetime.

Shingles come in a variety of colors to compliment the exterior color schemes and style of your home.  Our consultant carries color samples and will be happy to assist you with a shingle and color selection based on our experience with what has looked best on our customers’ homes.  We maintain an extensive database of all our roofing installations and can give you addresses to look at in your area if you need more help with color selection.

ThermaGuard has years of experience solving roof leaks, so call us for assistance when your roof needs a repair.  We also specialize in storm and hail damage assessments.  Call us before you call your insurance company to determine whether you have damage to report.

We also install skylights and tube skylights.  We can have a skylight made to fit your existing opening, or install one into a newly cut opening for you to bring light into a dark room.  Our sun tunnels can allow the light to go through the the attic to put sunlight just about anywhere.

When you are ready for your roof to be installed, we will deliver a waste container to your driveway. The shingle supplier will deliver the shingles and other materials to your home.  We will start the roof in the morning and most roofs are completed the next day.   We will have the waste container removed the following day, to minimize any inconvenience.

In the initial phase of re-roofing, thousands of pounds of shingles will be removed from your roof and put into the waste container.  This is not an easy job, but we will protect your landscaping.  We do not nail toeboards into your roof.  We use roof brackets to hold our walk boards, so that no nail holes go through the finished product. We re-cycle the asphalt in your old shingles to reduce the waste in landfills, thereby protecting the environment.

Our clean-up is important to us and we use magnets to pick up stray nails that may have flung off the roof during the removal.   We will clean your gutters at the end of the job.  It is our goal to leave no traces of the removal behind, leaving you free to enjoy the way your new roof compliments and updates your home and increases its curb appeal.

Our vast experience and our A+ rating at the Better Business Bureau should make for a great re-roofing experience.  Considering the warranties you will have after we're finished, Thermaguard's motto, "We Take the Risk Out of Roofing." is so appropriate.

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